Spring, A Time For New Beginnings

As many of you know, I live in Maine where the winters can be long and cold. We had some snow storms but no major ones and it really didn’t get to cold. Don’t get me wrong, it gets cold but we didn’t have many days below zero, which is always nice! The hardest part of winter, are the long, dark days and of course COVID kept us home more than a normal winter hibernation would. I always look forward to the new beginnings that come with Spring.

Unfortunately, we suffered a few loses over the past year, one family member passed away from COVID and my step mother passed away after what seemed like a very short battle with COPD. My Dad, who has lived in FL for the better part of his life, moved back here in January and is living in our in-law apartment. It was a challenge getting that move completed and I think we were both quite anxious about it, hey who wouldn’t be, but I’m happy to report that it is going quite well for us all.

I left my job at Portland Gastroenterology where I worked on the Endoscopy Unit, I really enjoyed working there and the patients but due to the changes with my Dad and COVID, working from home just made sense, for now!

Maintaining Physical & Mental Health

With all these changes, it is very important to stay on top of my own health, physically and mentally. I find that working out is a big part of the equation for both and I enjoy being able to workout at home. No worrying about getting up super early to go to the gym, and working out with a mask on!

Spring is a great time to revisit our workouts, plus it does our body good to change things up, it’s recommended that we do so every 4-6 weeks. Below are a few of my new favorites.

Strength Training Is Good For You

Muscle Burns Fat

If you follow me at all you know I LOVE strength training and it so beneficial. What is MBF?

#mbf is comprised of two 3-week programs— #mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced—they are designed to be done back-to-back. With #mbf, you’ll get lean, strong, and healthy as you rev up your metabolism and burn fat. You’ll work out every day for 3 weeks (I know it sounds like a lot) with an effective combination of 25- to 35-minute strength-training and cardio workouts. The goal is to get you toned, tight, and ready for the next 3 weeks of #mbfa, where Megan dials-up the intensity, challenges, and workout length (up to 40 minutes) for an even greater total-body transformation.

If you are looking to change up your workout routine, add strength training or just try something new give this workout a try, and don’t worry you won’t bulk up like the HULK!

Click here for a sample workout #MBF! You will be glad you did, I promise.

Ready to Give Running A Try?

30 Day Breakaway

30 Day Breakaway just launched on Beachbody on Demand and is the perfect balance of resistance training followed by running intervals that gradually progress—Idalis really focuses on training you the smart way, at your pace, because a strong runner is a stable runner. Combining lifting and running also happens to be a super-effective way to optimize your calorie burn.

One of the coolest things about 30 Day Breakaway is you can literally leave your living room and get outside without losing your connection to Idalis. Just switch on the audio, pop in your headphones, and listen as she cues your runs. If any of you are hearing impaired, you can reference the Audio Run Visual Guide for the Hearing Impaired. These visuals break down the intervals for each audio run and walk—read them before you begin your workout and program the intervals into a haptic device if you have one.

Click here for a sample workout #30 Day Breakaway! You will be glad you did, I promise.

Be sure and checkout “My Favorite Workouts” tab for more great workouts to try!

Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life Guide

I hope you are enjoying the new website and some of the changes implemented. Have you looked at the “Free Self-Care Guide” tab at the top of the page, there are some great tools to help with meal planning, mindset and selfcare. A “Spring Clean Your Life” guide is available. If you are interested drop me an email and I will be sure to send it along to you.

Spring is a great time of year, everything is coming alive, the tree’s, the flowers, it’s a wonderful time for new beginnings and to focus on you and make those changes you have been wanting to make!

As always, thanks for following along, feel free to drop me a note below and remember, life can be challenging, but it can be and is Sweet & Splendid!

Hi! I'm Kim.

Aging is inevitable; however, we can grow old gracefully. My goal is to live an active happy life. I enjoy sharing with others, fitness tips, healthy eating (not a diet, a lifestyle), products, inspiration and more, during this mid-life journey of mine, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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