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When did COVID-19 get real for you?

For me it was the week of March 23, 2020, I am a registered nurse and work on an ambulatory endoscopy unit.  We began to see the patient load slowing down the week before, and my employer was doing all they could to keep us there and employed, on Monday we started screening the patients coming into the practice, no one was getting in that was symptomatic!  Our state restricted all non-essentials services, although we are considered an essential service, elective procedures were pretty much put to a stop and within a day we had little to no patients, unfortunately, my employer could no longer keep us all employed and a select few were kept on to do urgent procedures.  Tuesday, March 24, 2020 was my last day.

While the world and our state was warning of the disease spreading and the importance of social distancing, I was dismayed  to see some not practicing social distancing, seemingly not to have a care in the world, I thought, how irresponsible, inappropriate and insensitive to those of us who are no longer at work.

The news is overwhelming at times, it’s information overload, my husband albeit joking most of the time, keeps telling me to go to the store for more food, believe me we have plenty of food and TOILET PAPER!   Maybe this is his way of coping, but it stresses the hell out of me!  Today, the Governor of Maine announced a mandatory stay at home order from April 2-30th!  

I’m doing what I can to keep upbeat and keep some kind of routine.  I continue to get up early, complete my workout and have started my Spring cleaning.  I am doing a course online through the Oncology Nurses Society, to keep my chemotherapy provider card up to date, (I have worked in chemotherapy in the past) and finding things to do that I enjoy.  

Today marks a week that I have been home, I went to the beach after lunch, listened to the sound of the ocean, breathed in the fresh salt air….THANKFUL for all the women and men who are truly on the frontlines of this pandemic, my worries are minimal compared to theirs, may I remember that in the days and weeks that follow.  

Stay well, call your family and friends, respect social distancing, and remain kind.  

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